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Frequent Questions & Answers

Q: How do I have a transcript sent to a college?

A: Contact Kristin Payne, the registrar 620-432-2510, or email Mrs. Payne  If a Transcript is prior to 2007 (graduation date) contact the Board of education Office, 620-432-2500 for request.


Q: How can I find out about scholarships?

A: The scholarships are located on the google docs, which all seniors received an email about how to access through their school email. They are also listed on the website under local/national scholarships tabs. Questions can be answered in the guidance office. 

Transcripts and school stats (ACT, class rank, cum GPA, etc) can be retrieved in the guidance office


Q:  I have a college visit scheduled, what do I need to do to miss school?                   

A:  You will need to complete a College Visit form. This form may be picked up from the main office. You might also want to take a transcript with you to these visits.