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2015-2016 Scholarships

Students - Check your school Email for graduation/scholarship info

Google Docs will have the most current information on scholarships.


Local and National Scholarships are located in the tabs to the left. 

*Information on scholarships is updated as we receive new applications and opportunities* 

Other Helpful Sites 


  • 1. links to 70 online scholarship search sites...virtually every such site that exists
  • 2. an online GPA calculator that will accurately calculate up to 50 grades instantly.
  • 3. links to colleges with comprehensive programs for students with learning and other disabilities.
  • 4. links to Catholic and Christian colleges by state.
  • 5. Information on online colleges, community colleges, and four-year colleges by state

  • millions of available scholarships
  • sponsored exclusively by Wells Fargo
  • updated daily

  • Many different scholarships with many different qualifications 
  • For the Kansas School Districts
  • Odenza Marketing Group
  • SP 10,000 Scholarship
  • CHS Foundation Scholarship
  • Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship
  • Caretenders Scholarship
  • 10 Words or Less Scholarship
  • Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
  • Lift Parts Express Scholarship
  • Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship