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Students dress out once again for PE classes

Posted Date: 10/05/2018

CHS girls takes a swing during wiffle ball in PE class“They’re Back!” The shorts and tees may not be stylish, but having uniforms for students in physical education classes has made it easier for everyone.

“One hundred percent” is the approval rating CHS PE teacher Andy Albright gave the new system. “It’s absolutely wonderful … and they look good.”

His enthusiasm isn’t because it’s easier, but because his discipline problems are gone.

“Our vice principals can work on what needs to be worked on and not concern themselves with us,” said the veteran teacher of 17 years.

Royster PE teacher Joel Varndell said he couldn’t count all the discipline referrals he turned in last year for not “dressing out.” This year the number is zero.

“Everyone knows they have clothes to participate in physical education,” said Royster teacher Rusty Emling. “The kids know they’re here all the time and they’ll have them every day.”

The uniforms were purchased for Royster and CHS by the USD 413 Foundation. They stay at school and are laundered at school, although the CHS students were allowed to purchase a second set they could take home.

Having them washed and dried weekly at school helps with any bacterial or fungal issues, Emling added.

Terri Lund believes the transition to uniforms was easy because Royster students were told last year they had to bring black shorts and a grey t-shirt to school for PE.

 “They had an expectation of what we wanted them to wear,” Varndell said. This year they transitioned to “this is yours and this is what you have to wear.”

It may not be the style they’d wear, but there haven’t been any complaints, Lund said.

The policy change is “good for kids,” Albright said. “They don’t have to stress out about their clothes.” Everyone is wearing the same shorts and t-shirts in PE class.

One of the real positives is that it’s eliminated student excuses that they’ve forgotten or lost their PE clothes.

“Everyone dresses out – no excuses,” Lund said.  “Everyone is able to dress out.” The clothes are kept at Royster and laundered at Royster.

That gets back to why uniforms are better but not easier. The teachers are taking turns doing the laundry with some help from the paraprofessionals in their buildings. No complaints, though. It’s worth it.

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