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Scholars Quiz Bowl

JV and Varsity squad together after a successful night at Baxter Springs. Varisty came home with first place and JV came home with second place.

Front Row L to R: Jillian Vogel, Angelo Andoyo, Haley Angleton, Mikayla Kwek.

Middle Row L to R: Issac Lewis, Regan Smith, Kristin Umbarger, Christopher Hatch, Manny Holland. 

Back Row L to R: Ben Ramsey, Darbee Chard, Justice                                                                                                                             Catron, Austin Liudahl, Clete Carlson








Varsity celebrating their first place win in Girard. 

Left to Right: Clete Carlson, Christopher Hatch, Regan Smith, Kristin Umbarger, Ben Ramsey, Justice Catron








JV placed first at Oswego!

Left to Right: Angelo andoyo, Jillian Vogel, Mikayla Kwek, Huntyr Schwegman, John Stanely