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b2018 Comet Baseballb

Varsity Head Coach: Zach Murry

V/JV Assistant Coach: Kurt Seizemore

V/JV Assistant Coach: Ryon Ortiz

Baseball Spring Sports Pictures have been moved to March 12th.

                                     2018 Schedule:                                           

Date  Level  Opponent  Site  Time
15-Mar-2018  V  Iola   Home  4:30 PM
15-Mar-2018  JV  Iola   Away  4:30 PM
26-Mar-2018  JV  Pittsburg   Away  4:30 PM
29-Mar-2018  V  Pittsburg   Home  4:30 PM
2-Apr-2018  V/JV 1 and 1 Lamar, MO  Home  5:00 PM
3-Apr-2018  JV  Parsons  Home  4:30 PM
5-Apr-2018  V  Parsons  Away  4:30 PM
6-Apr-2018  V/JV  1 and 1 Girard  Away  4:30 PM
10-Apr-2018  V/JV  Paola  Away  4:30 PM
12-Apr-2018  JV/V 1 and 1 Ft. Scott  Home  4:30 PM
16-Apr-2018  JV  LCHS  Away  4:30 PM
17-Apr-2018  V  LCHS  Home  4:30 PM
26-Apr-2018  V  Frontenac  Home  4:30 PM
27-Apr-2018  JV  Frontenac  Away  4:30 PM
1-May-2018  JV/V  Independence  Away  4:30 PM
3-May-2018  V  Coffeyville  Away  4:30 PM
7-May-2018  JV  Coffeyville  Home  4:30 PM
10-May-2018  JV/V  1 and 1 Ft. Scott  Away  4:30 PM
14-May-2018  V  Regional  TBA  TBA
15-May-2018  V  Regional  TBA  TBA
24-May-2018  V  State  TBA  TBA
25-May-2018  V  State  TBA  TBA

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